Maybe it’s because it’s 1:30 AM….

on January 21, 2012

…but I’ve watched this video at least seven times and am still literally cracking up out loud every time.


Here are some of my personal favorites.

“There’s a library a few blocks away that has wi-fi.”

“Okay, cause THIS is a macchiato.”

“PFTTTT.” (laugh out loud EVERY time!)

“That’s gross, must be off.” ….say this more than you would think! And it’s true!


“This is just like a new brew method I’ve been tryin’ out.”


“That’s a cup of coffee.”

“Actually, I DID know that!” …want to say this SO often!

“There’s a latte DYING on the bar!” ….my FAVORITE. I totally am going to start saying this.


You may have to be a barista to get it. But I love this video SO much. I hope it at least brings you a giggle.


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