Mouth Watering Treats

on February 22, 2012

At my coffee shop, we have two big pastry cases.

Which means we have a lot of pastries.

And someone has to make ’em.

Luckily, a lot of that gets to be me!

We have a morning lady during the week who does a lot of the “standards” – scones, biscotti, our double layer carrot cake, etc…but I am super blessed to get to be the more “experimental” baker. 😀 I’m constantly trying new things, and I love getting to do that! I also am responsible for several usuals, such as muffins, cookies, coffee cakes, etc.

BUT it’s the recipes like these that I am getting ready to share that are REALLY fun! 🙂

First of all: a Valentine’s Day treat!

These heart shaped brownies were SO cute! We took our regular brownie batter and spread it out on a cookie sheet instead of baking it in the brownie pan. When we took it out of the oven, we let it cool for just a couple minutes then used a cookie cutter to cut these guys out! For beauty’s sake, I drizzled melted vanilla almond bark on them, and we topped it off with red sugar sprinkles! I was pretty proud of how they cam out.

Also for Valentine’s Day at the shop we had cute heart sugar cookies (the guys I work with gave me a hard time because I literally spent a couple hours frosting those cookies…I wanted them to look good, and they did! :D) as well as a White Chocolate Raspberry Gooey Butter Cake. (I’ll blog Gooey Butter Cake some other day…it’s AWESOME.)

I am an avid Pinterest user. And one thing that I have seen floating around as long as I’ve been using this wonderful site are these:

(Click picture for link to the recipe, if you think you need one)

These rainbow cupcakes are SO fun. I know that if I was a little girl, I would LOVE these and hopefully one day I can make them for my own little girls. As a big girl, I still LOVE them and knew they would be fun to have at the shop. So this past Saturday, my dear friend and partner in crime, Zac, and I whipped up a batch. And they were AWESOME!

Split the batter up and added food coloring.

Before the oven.

So fun! I was so happy with how these came out!

We ended up frosting these guys with cream cheese frosting and topping them with rainbow sprinkles. What a fun treat! They will appear again, probably this spring I am sure! Next I think we may experiment with adding flavors…maybe adding Kool Aid powder to the colored batter? 🙂

I love getting to bake, and I love breaking the rules and experimenting! So thankful for a job where I get PAID to do that, and let other people eat it all! 😀


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