“How do you ALWAYS look SO cute!?”

on February 24, 2012

That is probably the question I am asked most often. I guess the answer is that I just place a really high value on looking my best every day. It makes me confident about myself, and I’ve found it gains me a little more respect in the world.

People are constantly wondering what my “secrets” are when it comes to how I dress. So I thought I would do a post with some of my “fashion insight,” if anyone actually cares. 😉

First off…here is a glimpse into my closet:

Notice…there aren’t many t-shirts, hoodies, or sweatshirts. I very rarely wear these items. If I’m in a t-shirt, there’s likely a cardigan and necklace on too, makin’ it cute and stuff. 😛 But there are a LOT of cardigans, dresses, and skirts. 🙂 For awhile I was wearing one of the above (at least) every single day. It’s still usually like that, but I’ve gotten a little lazy with skirts and dresses this winter. Still usually a cardigan most days, though. 🙂

When it comes to my secrets on how I can dress so well, the first would probably be the most important:


I think people assume that I spend way too much money on clothes. But in reality, I don’t. I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for a pair of shoes or clothing item. I always, always, ALWAYS buy it on sale or clearance! If I don’t, I get frustrated when I’m back at the store in a couple of days and it’s 50% off. 🙂

Target has a phenomenal women’s clothes clearance section. That is where the VAST majority of my clothes come from. They mark stuff down pretty far if you’re patient; I’m constantly getting shirts for just a couple of bucks because I wait until they are on the 70% off rack.

The other awesome thing about Target is that they will take coupons on their clearance items! has a GREAT printable coupons section, and right now there are coupons for 20% off dresses, 15% off denim, and 15%-20% off other brands of women’s clothes! When you tack that onto an item that’s already 50% off…HELLO CHEAP AWESOME CLOTHES! It makes me SO happy. 🙂

I have a couple of other secret clothing weapons too…

  • JC Penney’s is ALWAYS having the biggest sale ever, or so it seems. You can get some pretty decent clothes for fairly cheap, especially around “season change”, which in clothing usually comes just as the season is getting started, so you can get some good use out of it and then save for next year too!
  • is DANGEROUS for me. They have SO many SUPER cute things…from clothes to accessories…and it’s all very reasonably priced. I have to actively keep myself from going to that site when I don’t want to spend money, because I will only end up disappointed! However, when I do have money, and when I need specific things (such as camis/tanks, solid color shirts, or maxi dresses) F21 rarely disappoints!
  • I will admit it. I go to Goodwill and buy actual clothes to wear on a daily basis. You can get some really awesome, name brand stuff for fairly cheap and it’s AWESOME! If you live in the Wichita/Hutch area…there’s a Goodwill in Maize as you are approaching New Market Square after you take the Maize Rd. exit from K-96 that is AWESOME! It’s in the “rich” end of Wichita, so it’s loaded with awesome name brand stuff!
  • Believe it or not…Wal Mart actually has some cute clothes! I loaded up on v-necks the other day…they were like 3 bucks! And who doesn’t need white or black solid v-necks? And then a couple fun striped ones too….but hey. 3 bucks! There is definitely a stigma attached to “shopping at Wal-Mart”…but if you can get over it, there are some gems to be found occasionally!

Tip #2: Accessories:

Fun fact. Accessories are the Scarves, necklaces, hats, hair flowers, tights, headbands, belts…they can make even a t-shirt and jeans looks cute! My favorite thing to do is pair up a lot of accessories with like a plain black shirt. Sometimes I throw a cardigan with it too, but usually the accessories can do a pretty good job of livening up even just a plain black knit shirt!

Here are some of my accessory stashes:

Tip #3: LAYER IT UP!

I am constantly accused of wearing way too many clothes. At any given time, I can be found wearing a tank top, a shirt over it, a cardigan over that, and my coat. Sometimes even more layers than that! (Somehow…) I just think that layering is a great way to get SO many different looks from one clothing article. One white shirt can one day just be a white shirt, the next time a layer under a cute tank top, the next time under a happy cardigan, the next time with a bright tank top under it, the next with a vest and belt over it, and next time with a scarf and cardigan! SO many options…and yes, it can be toasty. And yes you do a lot more laundry. But…it also tends to be a little more modest, which is something that is pretty important to me!

(Yep..three layers right there.)

These are the main things that come to mind right now. Maybe I’ll do another post some day if I think of more things. Basically, it just comes down to not spending too much money and taking a minute to think of what MORE you could do with that shirt. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a picture of the outfit I wore Sunday that got many raves…


I rocked this outfit, with some cream colored lacy-ish tights, with these brown boots. I put in a cream colored hair flower, threw some curls in, and it was a successful outfit! Definitely will be repeated!

Happy dressing! 🙂


2 responses to ““How do you ALWAYS look SO cute!?”

  1. Cassi says:

    I feel like I could have written this post.
    You know the outfit you liked the other day that I was wearing? All Target clearance! That’s the best way to find clothes, IMO.
    I also LOVE accessories. So. Much. I feel like just by changing camis, cardigans, and accessories, a plain black shirt is no longer just that!

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