Bonjour ;)

on March 1, 2012

As you all probably know by now, I am going on an EPIC world adventure this summer.

In fact, I leave in exactly 2 1/2 months from today!!

And as time goes on…this adventure keeps getting more and more epic.

The latest development?

My dear, sweet friend, Bethany, who I am going to be staying with for my 3 days in Europe between India and coming home, and I are going to conquer Europe in those 3 short days!

Okay, maybe not all of it.

But in addition to Germany, where she will be and where I am flying into, we are working out details to train to….


I am SUPER stoked to get to visit this lovely city, with a lovely friend. I imagine us eating French pastries under the Eiffel Tower in our berets. Maybe that’s a little outlandish, but I am super pumped to get to hit Paris with sweet Bets!

We are also thinking about trying to hit some other countries too, perhaps. Austria, Belgium, and the Czech are all right there too…so we’ll see what happens!

But for now…oo la la, oui oui, and bonjur! 😉 (I’ll have to brush up on my French (which I never learned) before hitting Par-i! 😉 )


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