One Night, in the Drive Thru….

on March 13, 2012

…okay, it was tonight.

Here’s a story!

I had just gotten off of work and stopped by McDonald’s (on 30th, if you are familiar with Hutch and that detail is important to you…) for some chicken nuggets. Not that I love McDonald’s, but there’s not much open post 10 PM in this here town.

Anyways, when I was ordering, I noticed this college aged guy walk through the parking lot, talking on his phone. I didn’t think anything of it, until I drove around the corner to head to the window and he was standing there at the first window. I stayed a bit back, waiting for him to move.

Eventually, someone came to the window and I heard him say, “Hey, yo, I don’t have a car but I want three McDoubles.” I guess the lady told him no, because of security reasons they couldn’t serve anyone without a car in the drive thru. So, he turns and walks up to my car. I knew exactly where this was going:

“Hey, they won’t let me order without a car, so will you order me three McDoubles, since you have a car?” I told him I would, because there’s no way to really say no. So I pull up to the window and say, “Can I add three McDouble’s to my order?” and the lady of course knew exactly what was up. So she kind of rolled her eyes and told me to pull to the second window where I see her telling everyone else what was up.

The dude is seriously standing right next to my car, next to the window, leaning up against the building. They told me the total, he handed me a $10, and I handed it to the lady. They gave me my change, I handed it immediately to him as the lady gave me a terrible look. (I don’t know why it’s such a huge deal that I was helping him out. At least not a big enough deal  to be so rude to me!)

While we are waiting for the food, he starts hitting on me. Bahaha. He asked how old I was, if I went to college, tells me how much he likes my “dress, or blouse, or whatever it is,” and goes on about how stupid this is and compares it to having someone else buy you alcohol when the store people obviously know what’s going on but can’t do anything about it. Then he pulls out his phone, calls his friend, and tells them about what was going on and how “the nice, pretty woman in the next car” helped him out. He also talked about how effed (only no abbreviation from him!) up these rules and our society was.

Then they handed out the McDoubles, I handed them to him, I barely get a thank you, and he walks away.I’m probably on some random guy from Juco’s Facebook status tonight.

This is a true story.

The end.


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