Reaching the World

on March 21, 2012

Five years ago, I went on a missions trip to the Philippines that changed my life.

One of my favorite parts of this trip was the people that I met. Filipinos are outstanding, incredible people with a heart for Jesus, a great sense of humor, and great smiles.

Five years later, most of our team is still Facebook friends with several of the people we met on that trip! One such friend, Jeffrey, told me about a ministry he has helped found with his friend, Pastor Dexter, there in the Philippines.

The ministry is called Child Community Outreach, or CCO. Big things are already happening in this program! They are trying to serve the communities in the Philippines by helping establish feeding centers, do some community clean up, and so on.

It looks like the ministry could use some help, though. They are requesting Bibles, Gospel tracks, and other similar things to pass out in the areas they are going into. Of course, they could also use volunteers!

I have personally seen how ministry works in the Philippines and it is mind blowing. If American Christians could catch some of the passion that Filipino Christians had, our world would be a different place. I can’t wait to be back in the Philippines someday to be a part of what is going on there!

Until then, if you want to help in some way, I can get you in contact with my friend who helps with this ministry. If nothing else, pray for them! I know I will be!

Check ’em out on Facebook here:


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